General Meeting, March 12 2020,  7 pm at the Community Futures

All members and public ATV riders welcome! 



Member Dinner for 2020 Feb 29 th

At the Legion, Happy Hour 5:30

Tickets:  LOUISE: 250-444-4545

MARNIE: 250-442-4107 or

Some tickets are available in GF @ KH Burch Kientz Inc.

619 Central Ave.


Please check the Facebook or the NEWS page for firmed up ride dates & times.

For all rides please come prepared: full gas tank, rain coat, lunch, water, helmet. And have fun.


ATV Safety 01
Be Safe & Responsible
Always wear a DOT approved helmet
Wear protective clothing and footwear
Ride at a safe speed - Road conditions can suddenly change
Respect and follow rules of the road
Never ride alone

Keep our forests clean
Don't be a litterbug sign.


Spring has Sprung !

This is it! Spring “Is here”! Now if the snow would just melt we could be out on the trail.

With spring and getting out onto the trails just a few reminders!  Please make sure your following the insurance and registration laws! Stay on the trails! Respect the wildlife and environment!  It seems like we are trying to convert the converted but this is so important! Everyone is critical of motorized users. We are known for our irresponsible behavior, our disrespect for all other user groups, our unwillingness to compromise and our noisy smelly equipment!  Sure there are some riders that fit the description but to label all motorized users as irresponsible is getting to be too much! Your club has done more to collaborate and cooperate, maintain and create safe trails for all users in the Boundary Region. We have created a high standard for all motorized users in British Columbia and the trails they ride on. We have created economic opportunities for the Boundary Region and continue to work with many partners to increase tourism for all the small communities in the Boundary. It seems no matter how much good we promote it only takes one irresponsible user to destroy all the good we do. Much of the current conflict on the trail is because some trail users feel they have a right to be the only select user group to use the trail. With that thinking all other users that happen to use the trail are an annoyance, and should not be on the trail. It does not matter if they bring economic benefits, if they do not require millions of dollars in trail upgrades to be on the trail, if the trail is an urban trail compared to rural trial or if they bring tools and equipment to repair the trail. Motorized users should not be on the trail because they are stinky, noisy, travel to fast, rude, dusty, irresponsible, and wreck the trail. Sure is a good thing all the other users are responsible angels. There are irresponsible trail users in every one of the user groups and we ALL need to be responsible when we are in the beautiful areas of BC. Please be respectful of everyone’s right to be on the trail. If we can work together and create a trail system we all can be proud off, that benefits each community, protects and promotes historical points of interest and keeps tourists coming back to create economic opportunities then we can all be proud of our work on the trails and possibly help all users to be responsible while sharing the trail. Join the trail campaign

 “We Support Mixed Use Trails” find us on Facebook

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