General Meeting, March 12 2020,  7 pm at the Community Futures

All members and public ATV riders welcome! 



Member Dinner for 2020 Feb 29 th

At the Legion, Happy Hour 5:30

Tickets:  LOUISE: 250-444-4545

MARNIE: 250-442-4107 or

Some tickets are available in GF @ KH Burch Kientz Inc.

619 Central Ave.


Please check the Facebook or the NEWS page for firmed up ride dates & times.

For all rides please come prepared: full gas tank, rain coat, lunch, water, helmet. And have fun.


ATV Safety 01
Be Safe & Responsible
Always wear a DOT approved helmet
Wear protective clothing and footwear
Ride at a safe speed - Road conditions can suddenly change
Respect and follow rules of the road
Never ride alone

Keep our forests clean
Don't be a litterbug sign.



Grand Forks ATV Club undertakes projects to promote increased environment and wildlife responsibility when using recreation trails. Safe trails for all shared users.

Previous completed major projects have included:

  • Creating The  Boundary Country  Trails Agreement to promote cooperation and collaboration among all shared Trail users.
  • Supporting the “Non Motorized” designation of the Rail Trail between Cascade West and Grand Forks helping to create a tourist designation.
  • The Gilpin, Morrissey, Stewart shared use trail system signing and clearing 135 km of trails.
  • Trails of the North Fork – Developing  the Bluejoint Recreation Site Staging area and signing over 500 km of shared used trails

Current and upcoming projects are:

  • Signing the Columbian Western Rail Trail in cooperation with Grand Forks Community Trails Society, Columbia Western Trails Society and The Trails of The Boundary
  • Establishing recognition signage for the many Historical sites along the Rails Trail.
  • Tipple Heritage interpretive center paying tribute to the many families that worked on the Lime Mine at Fife BC and
  • Build stations along the Columbian Western Rail trail.

Boundary Regional Motorized Trail Network

This motorized-friendly trail network was developed by the Grand Forks ATV Club in partnership with the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations. The development coincided with the club’s New Horizons for Seniors Project which focused on encouraging local seniors and near seniors to get up, get out, join in, and ride safe. As part of this project the club held and took part in numerous events and activities in the Grand Forks area, offered multiple ATV safety courses, developed the Boundary Regional Motorized Trail Network, and purchased a few GPS units for members to use while navigating these trails.

We have many public and private sponsors,without whom the work would not be done

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