GFATV was on the trail June 28. We travelled to the North Fork Recreation Sites to make sure everything was, ship shape for the July 1 long weekend. 28 Mile was in good shape, as well Gable. We checked for wasp nests in the kiosks and outhouses. On the way back from Gable we cleared the path to the small kiosk and found several wasp nests and cleared them. Eight-mile rec site was in great shape and at Howe Rec Site, we fixed ( but a bandage) on the picnic table at the lower site. The picnic table is rotted, and we can not get another for a few months. We went to Bluejoint rec site and travelled to Franklin Heritage Trail. We took the forms off the bench. St Ann’s rec site was in good shape. At Bluejoint we had to mow the parking area and whipper snipped a few locations. Was good we had a radio, we passed a couple of logging trucks coming down the Burrell. The road was graded which was great!

June 29 GFATV was on the trail to Christina Lake we mowed Santa Rosa and installed two points of interest at Stewart rec site. The area around the large kiosk and the trail needed a clean up, outhouse was good.