Grand Forks ATV was on the trail today! We stopped by Cascade West at Christina Lake, on our way to Stewart Creek Rec Site.

Cascade West is a very interesting area with lots of rich history and current history. Towards Grand Forks is the start of the non-motorized section. GFATV supported the closing of this section to motorize several years ago. To the east is the start of the most interesting section of “ Mixed Use” trail along the Trans Canada Trail. Trail users experience firsthand the technology used in the late 1800 and early 1900 when the rail line was originally built. The extremely large trestle that was built over the Kettle River gorge is a great example of the hardship the construction workers had to work with. This area is also the location of the Power Plant dam where 3 phase power was introduced to the area. Billings, a sawmill location used to haul their logs out of the Kettle River after they had being floated down steam. The further east you travel the more you are treated to the area’s rich history. Each year GFATV brings their equipment out to mow the area. Native flora grows extremely well in the early spring and tries its best to take control of the trail, and picnic area. This well used area has great views and is a favorite of many visitors.

Many of today’s users showed their appreciation of GFATV efforts!

We were then off to Stewart Creek Rec Site. The Rec Site was established in 2016 as part of a bypass that allowed GFATV to support the designated non-motorized section. GFATV has recently been very disappointed with the deactivation of one of the sections of the bypass. The trail has been deactivated to the point were GFATV can not maintain the trail due to extreme water deactivation. Many riders and their equipment were damaged this spring when users tried to go through the trail. Stewart Rec Site is the start of a 130 KM loop that joins Christina Lake to Grand Forks. Many Mt Bikers enjoy the site, the established Mt Bike trails in the area are well built with many great features. Check our Wildways Adventures Christina Lake BC.

Stewart Creek Rec SiteStewart Creek Rec Site