GFATV was On The Trail July 12 headed to the North Fork Rec Sites. Our primary goal was to replace the picnic table at Howe Creek Rec Site. The old table was damaged earlier this spring , mainly by old age but the spring run off had a hand in its final demise. GFATV had repaired the table this spring helping to make it last through the July long weekend.

All sites looked great, big thanks to all the outdoor enthusiasts who help GFATV keep these beautiful sites clean and garbage free. It was interesting to see the comments visitors leave at the sign-in boxes. GFATV places free brochures in each rec site sign in box , 10 each of the Trails of the North Fork and our new brochure Trails of the Paulson. When we visit each site, we take note of how many are missing and bring them back to the 10 total each. The new Trails of the Paulson are very popular.

 Howe Creek Rec Site is located on the Granby River. Travel 14 km up the Granby FSR and turn left over the Granby, on Boulder FSR. Travel 1 km and turn right on Traverse Creek FSR the Rec Site is located on the right about a ½ km. There are four picnic tables and two pit toilets. The lower site is very popular being right beside the river. Lots of wildlife to see.

Travel safe there is active logging in the Granby and Burrell Valleys. Please note there is a current fire ban, no camp fires are allowed.