General Meeting, March 12 2020,  7 pm at the Community Futures

All members and public ATV riders welcome! 



Member Dinner for 2020 Feb 29 th

At the Legion, Happy Hour 5:30

Tickets:  LOUISE: 250-444-4545

MARNIE: 250-442-4107 or

Some tickets are available in GF @ KH Burch Kientz Inc.

619 Central Ave.


Please check the Facebook or the NEWS page for firmed up ride dates & times.

For all rides please come prepared: full gas tank, rain coat, lunch, water, helmet. And have fun.


ATV Safety 01
Be Safe & Responsible
Always wear a DOT approved helmet
Wear protective clothing and footwear
Ride at a safe speed - Road conditions can suddenly change
Respect and follow rules of the road
Never ride alone

Keep our forests clean
Don't be a litterbug sign.



December 2016:

Ho! Ho! Ho! Darn cold these days, hope everyone is staying warm! The parade committee did a great job organizing the Xmas parade, looks like the weather cooperated AND turnout was great!
Wrapping up 2016 and rolling into 2017, we see some concerns that will just not be resolved. According to the “LAW”, all ATVs/ORVs are required to have a MV 1815 permit to travel on a public road. We have talked to the RCMP and they are not issuing permits or tickets. One of the main areas of concern is travelling down Stewart Creek FSR to access Cascade West hooking into the Trans Canada Trail, Knappen Creek at 28 Mile Bridge. These public roads are well used currently by many ATV/ORV users, and unfortunately when using these public roads you are illegal and could get a ticket. Hope to have a solution next year!
We received funding from RDKB Area C, MLFNRO, Canadian Off Highway Vehicle and ATV BC to upgrade signs and replace damaged signs in the Christina Lake/Grand Forks multi-use trails area. This area had extensive logging completed by Interfor. They did a great job maintaining the FSR, placing water bars and fixing the fences. We had great member turn out and the improvements should help all users be safe on the trail. Late in the year BC Hydro repaired many kms of access roads along the power lines. Check out the new water bars along the Bear Creek Loop. The MLFNRO is planning on deactivating the FSR making up Moody- Gilpin Loop. If anyone notices that the work has been started please let us know. It will be most interesting to see how they install the deactivation ditches.
We also received funding from ATVBC to upgrade signage on the section from Cascade West to Fife. A committee was formed and we developed a map with suggestions on installing signs so all users will be safe when accessing the trail. All of the work is dependent on Recreation Sites & Trails BC (RSTBC) approval. Project completion date is
May 31, 2017.
GFATV applied to Rural Dividend for $10,000 to do a feasibility study while complementing a relay from McCulloch Lake to Castlegar. no word on where we are at on this project so far.
Master Trail Plan: The RDKB is considering doing a Master Trail Plan for the Region. So far the details are few. We are hoping to be very involved in the process if/when it moves forward. We are very sure there are many that will use this process to bring the Non Motorized use forward.
Letters to Ministers: MLA, RSTBC: Please take the time to write your letter. GFATV can only go so far in protecting your right to ride on all trails, unless designated Non-Motorized.
Upcoming Events
Feb. 18, 2017: is the special night for Member Appreciation. Pat is working on tickets and will let you know by e-mail when and where to purchase them. Cost to members this year is $12 and guests $22. A really big thanks to all our Club members!
Be safe when riding the trail, check your machine, dress warm, and wear safety gear!!
If your membership renewal is due and you plan on renewing, please drop into B & F Sales or Victorian Motel

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