Become a member of the Grand Forks ATV Club

The Grand Forks ATV Club (GFATV) is a group of local ATV enthusiasts geared to protecting the beautiful outdoor ATV opportunities we have today and for years to come. The Club promotes safe riding practices and responsible operation of ATVs. We welcome all ATV enthusiasts, as well as supporters of the ATV community.

When you become a member of GFATV you also become a member of the Quad Riders ATV Association of BC (ATV/BC). This connects you to local and provincial events, news about ATVing in BC and entitles you to discounts on ATV insurance. Visit for more information. To join the Grand Forks ATV Club, all you need to do is fill out the membership form, pay the membership fees, and you’re off.

Grand Forks ATV Club Details

  • Group of local ATV enthusiasts.
  • Promoting safe and responsible ATV operation.
  • Working with BC Parks and the Ministry of Environment to create better ATV riding areas.
  • Working with other local trail groups for the benefit of all trail users in the Boundary Country.
  • We host rides and events for ATV riders, and get involved in community events and parades.
  • Get involved with a fun, active community group.


  • There are options for primary, secondary (Spousal/2-ups), and family memberships.
  • Membership dues are based annually from the date of purchase.
  • The annual primary GFATV & ATV/BC membership fee is $60.
  • The annual secondary GFATV & ATV/BC membership fee is $95. (for 2 members)
  • The annual family GFATV & ATV/BC membership fee is $105. (for a family)
Memberships available at:

B&F Sales and Service LTD

7466 2ND ST
Grand Forks, BC, V0H 1H0
Phone: (250) 442-3555
Fax: (250) 442-3115
BandF Sales email
Website: BandFSales.comVictorian Motel &/or
Kingfisher Fly and Tackle
6451 Highway #3 E (Central Ave),
Grand Forks, BC
V0H 1H9

ATV Club Meetings
We usually have 4 meetings per year, mainly in the spring and fall.

Our AGM is helld in May each year.

Our next meeting schedule is posted on our HOME page.