General Meeting, March 12 2020,  7 pm at the Community Futures

All members and public ATV riders welcome! 



Member Dinner for 2020 Feb 29 th

At the Legion, Happy Hour 5:30

Tickets:  LOUISE: 250-444-4545

MARNIE: 250-442-4107 or

Some tickets are available in GF @ KH Burch Kientz Inc.

619 Central Ave.


Please check the Facebook or the NEWS page for firmed up ride dates & times.

For all rides please come prepared: full gas tank, rain coat, lunch, water, helmet. And have fun.


ATV Safety 01
Be Safe & Responsible
Always wear a DOT approved helmet
Wear protective clothing and footwear
Ride at a safe speed - Road conditions can suddenly change
Respect and follow rules of the road
Never ride alone

Keep our forests clean
Don't be a litterbug sign.


May 2018 News Letter

May 2018 Newsletter

Trails are opening up; snow is disappearing, time to Ride!

2018 is starting off as a great year. The hard work of the Trail Maintenance Committee is going to help tremendously this year. The website is looking good and facebook use is increasing! Members are already posting rides! Maintenance crews have been busy at Morrissey and Gilpin Rec Sites and they are looking great. There was a maintenance crew that partnered with Christina Lake residents and worked their way from Cascade West to Lafferty, they bleached out the outhouses and cleared many tress and rocks from the trail, the snow was deep at Lafferty and they could not travel further.

The tree damage this year is tremendous, we have had reports of many trees down take extra caution when you are out on the trail. Many members have reported that the trail to Eholt is open past the second tunnel and they have cleared some of the trees but more work is needed.

Off the trail use and mud bogging is most unfortunate and it reflects directly upon all users. Please, if you see anyone off the trails and being irresponsible take a picture of the plate or equipment. We are not the enforcement officer but we can all help curb this behaviour. There are lots of folks that would like to close area’s for ATV`s let’s try and be part of the solution. Your riding practices reflect upon us all.

GFATV AGM will be May 5 10 am Community Futures come out and support your club!

Spring Fling was a great success with many local partners and many partners travelling from Elkford, Salmo, and Princeton coming to talk about what is happening in their riding areas. There was a similar theme running through their presentation, economic opportunities are great from mixed use trails and there are many health benefits from getting out on the trail no matter if you are on foot or an ATV. Getting out on a trail is healthy. Playmore Power Products was on hand with a variety of new machines. Many attending commented on how quiet and efficient the new models were.


Please be safe and respectful on the trail, check over your machine before you head out!


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