Interactive map of the North Fork Trails

28 Mile Bridge Staging Area At the 28 Mile Staging Area there are 2 camp sites with picnic tables, an outhouse, and a fair size area to load/unload your ATV. There is also an information kiosk that displays maps of the Boundary Regional Motorized Trail Network. Click for more information
Bluejoint Recreation Area This area is also a staging area for the Grand Forks ATV Club. There are 12 rec sites, 4 are group sites. There are (4) outhouses and newly developed hiking trails. These are great rec sites located along Bluejoint Creek. The road access is gravel but easily travelled on. Click the marker block for more information.
Gable Creek Recreation Area Right beside the Granby River, this is a picture perfect spot. Gable Creek flows into the Granby River just downstream of the bridge. Experienced kayakers have been known to venture down the Granby from this point. The Campground is suitable for a single small group and has (1) outhouse, (1) picnic table, and (1) fire ring. Click for more information.
Howe Creek Recreation Area Located near the Granby River this site is easy to access and has multiple campsites on and off the river to camp. Facilities include (2) outhouses and (3) tables. This is a great site for a group camp as it has lots of room. For more information click the place marker.
Eight Mile Flats Located right on the Granby River, this single site area is subject to flooding in the early spring and the road can get rough. Facilities include an outhouse, a picnic table and a fire ring.
St. Anne’s Meadow The St. Anne’s Meadow is an open area with (1) outhouse, (2) picnic tables, and (2) campfire rings. It’s a great spot along the river for hiking and fishing activities, but is not easily accessible.
Bluejoint Lookout Bluejoint lookout is 2049 Meters above the valley giving a spectacular view of the North Fork area. The road up to the parking lot has many switch backs and the last two KM are very rough. The small parking lot is approx. 1 km down from the actual look out with a walking trail going up to the lookout for the hardy hiker. Click for Bluejoint Bench page.

Bluejoint Lookout

Edgewood This townsite flourished in the early 1900's, was relocated in 1967 to make way for a reservoir, and now has a gas station and restaurant which are not always open. Low reservoir levels clear miles of sand for riding. Be aware of rising water levels at all times
Renata This townsite, first built by Fred Nash in 1900, was, by 1967 completely burnt or moved to make way for the High Arrow Dam, now named the Hugh Keenlyside Dam.
Atta View
Union Mine The Union Mine, discovered in 1906, was an important producer of gold, silver, lead, zinc and copper. It operated intermittently from 1913 to 1947, with tailings being processed up to 1980.
Franklin Camp Located north of Bluejoint Recreation site, this camp was home to many miners from early 1900 to 1940.
McKinley View
Elaine Loseth
Granby Wilderness Park One of the last intact watersheds in the Southern Interior and access is limited. The lower forested drainage of this park includes old-growth stands of cedar and hemlock forest. Established in 1995 with access restrictions put in place in 1997, there are two non-motorized access areas along the east and west flanks. It was established to provide protected habitat for the Kettle Granby Grizzly Bear. For more information click the marker block.
Knappen view
Lower Granby Trail This trail was created by students from GF Secondary School in the early 1990s. 4.5 Km easy walk links up with Granby Road at Gable Creek FSR
Upper Granby Trail This trail goes up through Granby Wilderness Park. The original trail was thought to be developed for access to Vernon, or to a coal deposit. Originally build in the early 1900.
Johnson's Landing

Johnson's Landing

Loggers From the Past Bench

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Franklin Camp Bench

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Franklin Camp Bench

Forest Management Bench

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