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Gold was the goal and transporting it to a train station was the way to get paid. The Franklin Trail was built to attain the goal. With technology from the early 1900 a trail was dug out of the earth and remains today as an example of the accomplishment men went through to mine Gold.

The late 1800 and the early 1900 were the Gold Years in the Boundary Region. The Franklin Trail was the connector between the Union Mine, one of the richest gold producing mines in BC, and the End Of The Line were the Train travelled up the North Fork Valley. Wagons were used to move the ore to the train. The remains of this important trail have not been changed and there are many historic values located along the trail. By protecting the intact section of trail with a Heritage status it can be preserved for present and future generations to learn and see firsthand the efforts early settlers went to, searching for Gold.

Franklin Heritage Trail updates

Oct was a busy month on the trail, the summer heat had closed down the work GFATV could do.

GFATV has dedicated  this year’s funding, to the trail work, site development, and placing amenities to the Franklin Site

We hired local danger tree removal specialists to remove  the many dead trees that had accumulated along the trail to Franklin. This 8 km stretch has never had the danger trees removed and for the safety of the members working on the trail and the visitors this was determined to be most important. There are still dead trees along the trail but the large most dangerous have been removed to Franklin site. We are over our budget for danger tree removal and will apply for a Grant in Aid from RDKB area D rep.

We hired a local excavator  to remove danger rocks and debris from beside the trail, to do trail improvements and clean up the years of accumulation at Franklin. There was an old “Hippie” shack that was abandoned in the late 70’s as well. We had the entrance into St Ann’s recreation site fixed as well.

The GFATV members have worked hard clearing and piling the debris to be burned this fall under the guidelines of RSTBC.

Currently the trail to Franklin and the site is in very good condition.

The area for the picnic table is prepared.

The outhouse location has been established , culvert installed, and the outhouse assembled.

GFATV is still finding interesting remains on the trail we discovered an old cabin at Franklin.

Doug Zorn GFATV