General Meeting, March 12 2020,  7 pm at the Community Futures

All members and public ATV riders welcome! 



Member Dinner for 2020 Feb 29 th

At the Legion, Happy Hour 5:30

Tickets:  LOUISE: 250-444-4545

MARNIE: 250-442-4107 or

Some tickets are available in GF @ KH Burch Kientz Inc.

619 Central Ave.


Please check the Facebook or the NEWS page for firmed up ride dates & times.

For all rides please come prepared: full gas tank, rain coat, lunch, water, helmet. And have fun.


ATV Safety 01
Be Safe & Responsible
Always wear a DOT approved helmet
Wear protective clothing and footwear
Ride at a safe speed - Road conditions can suddenly change
Respect and follow rules of the road
Never ride alone

Keep our forests clean
Don't be a litterbug sign.


ATV Trails of the North Fork - 3rd Press Release


The Grand Forks ATV Club is putting the final touches on this year’s 2015 —Trails of the North Fork project.

If you have ever wondered where the Recreation Sites are located or the Location of Bluejoint lookout, the signs are now in place. If you have never been on the Wolf Trail (Lower Granby Trail), created in 1996 by local GFSS teachers and students, it has now been up graded with a new bridge and the amenities have been improved.  This is an area with great views and special sights of the Granby River.

This year over 760 km of trails have been signed, nine new recreation sites built, a 24 x 30 Interpretive Centre  also the Upper and Lower Granby Hiking Trails have been cleared and there are new hiking trails for everyone to use.  Many of the trails are shared trails were users respect each other’s right to be on the trail.

The Grand Forks ATV Club with help from numerous partners along with local as well as Provincial, Federal funding, sees the completion of the project, Trails of the North Fork, as an increased economic driver for potential to contribute significant economic benefits to our local region.  “Offering increased opportunity for visitors to experience the natural beauty of the landscape as they travel”, says ATV Club President Doug Zorn.  Signage has been placed to ensure safety for all users and to encourage users to remain on the trial and by doing so help prevent the spread of weeds and damage to the environment. Everyone hopes that the project will lead all users to have a deep respect for the environment, wildlife, collaboration and cooperation.

The GFATV Club would like to thank all of the partners that have come together to make this trail project possible.  The crew is also recognized for their participation of their hard work in the success of the project.  They come away with the feeling of accomplishment of the work done and the acquired new skills and training that they will be able to transfer to new opportunities.

The Club would also like to thank all the Recreation Site users who visit the recreation sites.  Nearly 100 % of the users clean up the sites and leave the area as clean or better than when they arrive.


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