Presidents Report 2022

Would like to thank the executive for all their help during the year, Mike Degirolamo VP Jim Burch Treasure Directors Dave Bachmier, Len Pinsky, Ken Nix, Bob Hayhurst, all have worked hard towards the success of your club. Thank all of you for being members and supporting the club. All of you have made GFATV what it is today!

There are many members besides the Executive that work very hard for the betterment of the club. Thank You for all your hard work on behalf of GFATV.

Our 2001 Vision Mission statement is still relevant today.

The Grand Forks ATV Club is a registered not for profit organization. We are active in preserving the Region`s history, environment, and wildlife habitat, protecting our rights and privileges to access all trails. Promoting safe and responsible operation of ATVs, planning events and rides. Organizing meetings for every ATV enthusiast to attend. The Club is dedicated to promoting the safe use of marked trails by all users including youth, seniors, and near-seniors.

Maintenance on trails and recreation sites

We have made progress this year on the following,

Franklin Trail Work has been started on danger tree removal, and a excavator has been hired to work on the trail. There has been a GFATV work crew clear debris from the trail, establish the first location of a kiosk,

 Trails of the North Fork, Trails of the Paulson have all been  finalized and are very popular. The Map Book is at Alpine being printed.

The trail from Edgewood to Christian Valley is now in the hands of RSTBC. We have reached out to them for an update and been advised they will be working on this file this fall.

Importance of our trails

Our trails are great and we have made great progress in the trail system, but  trails are still being closed with no input from GFATV. We are hopping to work with ATVBC new land coordinator to improve this.

Please if you are out on the trail be a good representative for motorized your riding area depends on it.


Doug Zorn