Grand Forks ATV has been a member of Outdoor Recreation Council for many years. We are very pleased to see the progress this organization has made in the recent past. The recent funding announcements giving much needed funds to ORC is a great win! The recent survey linked here is a great example of the great work this Council is doing. GFATV participated in the June Trails Day initiative. ORC has promoted and help finance this event across BC. 

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The Grand Forks ATV Club is a registered not for profit organization. We are active in preserving the Region`s history, environment and wildlife habitat, protecting our rights and privileges to access crown land. Promoting safe and responsible operation of off highway vehicles, planning events and rides. Organizing meetings for every off highway vehicle enthusiast to attend. The Club is dedicated to promoting the safe use of marked trails by all users including youth, seniors and near-seniors.

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About GFATV Club

Grand Forks ATV is an active not-for-profit society promoting the safe and responsible operation of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) including Four-wheelers (quads), and Side-by-Sides (SXS). Our membership is interested in preserving the local history, environment, and wildlife habitat throughout the West Kootenay region of Southern British Columbia. We plan rides, host events, and plan regular meetings for every ATV enthusiast to attend. We are dedicated to promoting the safe use of trails by all users including youth, seniors, and near- seniors.

Grand Forks ATV was started in 2008 by a group of motorized enthusiasts that were concerned about the possible closure of a riding area near Grand Forks BC. The group incorporated into a Society in 2011.

One of their first projects was a New Horizon’s for Seniors grant possibility, the official name of the project was Get Up Get Out and Join In. These funds allowed the club to create maps, signage and a Map Book for all users to have a safe experience when out on the trails. This was a very successful project that got a lot of folks outside.

The next project the Executive applied and received funding for was a Provincial funded Job Creation Program. This great project was responsible for the development of the Morrissey, Gilpin and Stewart riding area development. This mixed-use program was very successful in establishing a recreational area near Grand Forks that increased the accessibility of the area, helped educated users to the many species at risk in the area and increased the knowledge of users to be more environmentally responsible. Grand Forks ATV members and the executive learned many important lessons from this experience. Three staging areas were developed for the public to be able to access the area safely and have a great experience on the marked trails. Many great partners were recognized and joined GFATV to help make this one of the great projects GFATV has completed.

GFATV vision is safe, well-marked trails for everyone to access, this vision led them to their third large Job Creation Program. This project allowed the club to make upgrades to the six recreation sites in the North Fork of the Granby- Burrell Valleys. This

recreation area was established many years ago and was in need of improvements. The installation of signage, added recreation sites and cleaned out established trails allowed users to travel on well marked trails. These improvements were well received by all users and there has been a steady increase in use of the area. The maintenance of this area and the six recreation sites has been done by GFATV members for the last ten years. During this time there has been improvements to the area and the dedication of the members to keep the recreation sites clean and tidy has been recognized by many. The partners have been very good at helping, from grading the roads accessing the sites to applying dust control to 28 Mile Recreation Site (a busy area used by many). Our agreement with Recreation Sites and Trails BC, our main partner for ten years, is set for renewal in 2023 and we have already received positive communications about renewing our agreement.

GFATV Latest Project
GFATV has a great old original road that was used in the early 1900’s by a mine in the North Fork. There was no rail line in the area. The high price of “Gold” and the areas mining exploration was in its prime. This old trail has not been taken over by Forestry and changed to be a Forest Service Road. There are many examples of old road building techniques, mining styles, rock formations and some of the greatest views to behold. GFATV has been successful in having this trail declared a Heritage Trail, The Franklin Heritage Trail. Work has been started on the trail to ensure safety of all users and points of interest have been noted.

GFATV for several years maintained a section of the Rail Trail, Trans Canada Trail, from Cascade West to Fife a very popular area. There have been many stories and experiences for users of this section. The drive to make the Rails Trails of BC non-motorized is very strong with some individuals. GFATV Club has its mandate to support Mixed Use Trails especially for the abundance of mobility challenged folks that use motorized vehicles to access these trails. The Grand Fork ATV Club agreed to declaring a section of the Rail Trail from Cascade West to Grand Forks as non-motorized. The club felt this was a good idea but there has been a move for the next section to the east as well the next section heading west from Grand Forks to be declared non-motorized. GFATV Club has always maintained all of the area trails to allow many seniors and people with accessibility challenges access to the beautiful BC outdoors scenery and history that would otherwise be impossible for them.

Future of Motorized
Whether you ride an electric bike, a motorized OHV, or an electric OHV the future of accessing the back country or BC Parks is tenuous at best! More education is needed to enlighten the public on the benefits of responsible motorize trail use. We strive to work with all provincial bodies and other trail users for common and complimentary use of the trail systems in our area. Our maintenance of the trails and signage allow for safer trails and assist Search & Rescue in their operations. Many riders in our club have accessibility issues and others have clearly defined disabilities and/or handicaps. Their use of these motorized machines takes the place of their crutches, canes, walkers and even wheelchairs allowing them to further their experiences of the great outdoors, the same as other able bodied person(s). They still enjoy the great views, the outdoor experience, the fresh air, the comradery and being outdoors on the trail. With the acceleration of technology who knows what we will be riding or where.